Jumbloplus - I am logged on but as i dail line drops

Riyadh, Ar Riyad 2 comments

,when i call the line drops,why is it doing so, do you think we are all going to continue to be your consumer.wake up there many options open.there has been an occation when a friend in my contry tried to contact me in my mobile but cut his call because i had jumblo plus and it is cheaper,cheaper or cheater.there has to be a solution if you what us to help in some way just say so.we are realypissed off.now just to logg a complain you want to writean essay.we just need help.

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First I used to face same problem, now its worse then that It hangs while singing in, I was using another voip before which was better then this one but i cannt find the TOPUP card for that, Just I will finish my account and will not use Jplus again.

I reinstalled software millions of time but no progress



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